Marbleous Mondays: DIY Marble Ornaments

As you may have read in my previous post, my name is Cori, and I’m a marble addict.  (“Hello, Cori…”)  I can’t even say that I’m in recovery.  This thing has taken on a life of its own.  There’s just something about it that screams opulence and elegance.  If I could live in a house made entirely out of marble… I might…Marble Ornaments have a coronary… and then move in.  Because it.  Would.  Be.  Fabulous.

With the holidays fast approaching, I have broken my steadfast commitment to refrain from putting up my Christmas tree until after Thanksgiving because I was just too darn excited about this next DIY project and I just HAD to get it up immediately!  (For the record, Doug has vehemently opposed this nonsense.  I’m moving forward anyway.  Insert nervous emoji face.)

After Googling/Pinterest-ing several marbling techniques, I decided I simply must incorporate marble into my holiday decor.  Enter: *dun dun dunnnnnnn* marble ornaments!!!  By far, the easiest DIY I’ve done to-date and the most satisfying!  I’m combining two of my most favorite things: marble and Christmas… what could be better?!  Ok…. maybe a little Bing Crosby…. which may or may not be playing in the background as I type this…. Boom – trifecta complete. Marble Ornaments

All you need is some nail polish in the color of your choosing, a couple of plastic containers, ornament hooks and your ornaments.  I went with glass ball ornaments in a glossy white finish to accompany this year’s theme.  Since I have a plethora of nail polish, I had no problem laying my hands on a couple of soft pink hues and a black.

Marble OrnamentsFirst, I filled two plastic containers with lukewarm water.  Then, I put metal ornament hangers on each ball as this would help me dip my ornaments and then hang them for drying.  Next, I drizzled the nail polish into each container (I kept the black in one container and the pink in another, but you could totally mix colors to match any theme).  The nail polish should float on the surface of the water and spread out easily.  If it sinks to the bottom, it won’t work.  You can also use a toothpick to help the polish dissipate.

Marble OrnamentsAfter letting the nail polish spread out on top of the water for a moment, I dipped my ornament in and out and then hung on a laundry drying rack.  The nail polish film floating on the water will envelope the ornament as it’s dipped.  I had to add the nail polish to the container of water each time, depending not the size of the ornaments I had dipped previously.


Marble OrnamentsWith the pink nail polish, I found that I liked the combination of a couple of different hues rather than just one to create a little more dimension, so I mixed three colors together in the same bowl.  The black nail polish gave me the variation in color I was looking for, so I did not need to add anything else to this container.

Marble OrnamentsFinally, I hung the ornaments from a dowel laundry rack with a towel underneath to catch the drips and let them dry for a few hours and then dabbed them (not wiped them) with a paper towel to absorb any excess water.

The good news is, if you hate the way they turned out, simply swipe some nail polish remover over it and start again!  Some of my ornaments turned out better than others.  Some came out smooth, and some came out with some nail polish goobers hanging from them, so it’s definitely just trial and error until you get a look that you’re happy with.

And that’s it!  I was ready to trim my tree with my new, marbleized ornaments!  Happy marbling!

Marble OrnamentsMarble OrnamentsMarble OrnamentsMarble OrnamentsMarble Ornaments


  1. Aunt Sandy

    November 21, 2016 at 9:01 pm

    You can’t hide talent!!!!!?

    1. Cori

      November 21, 2016 at 9:25 pm

      You’re so sweet! Thank you!

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