Marbleous Mondays: DIY Marble Coasters

Guys… I have a serious addiction to affinity for all things marble right now. I can’t explain it, and I didn’t fully realize my addiction it until Dougie Fresh pointed it out to me a few days ago. Until then, I was just blissfully unaware (read: in denial) that marble was slowly consuming every aspect of my thoughts.  I mean, I’ve always loved a good, clean Carrera marble kitchen/bathroom, but who doesn’t?!  My addiction started innocently enough… a new phone case here, a laptop cover there… but it’s taking over in unexpected ways. For example: I’ve picked out this fabric for window treatments for our future kitchen remodel… (*cough* marble). I’ve started making hostess gifts for the upcoming holiday season (*cough cough* marble again). I’ve even carried it into my holiday decor this year (more about that fun project here!). I just can’t get enough. If I could marbleize Neiko and Stella, I probably would. (I can’t though… right?! That’s crazy… Nooooo….. well, maybe…stay tuned…)  Boy that escalated quickly… I mean, that really got out of hand fast.

Anywho… this leads me to my latest DIY project.  During a late-night Pinterest browsing session, I searched for happened upon some DIY marble projects and found one that I just knew I had to try: marble-look coasters!!  With all the holiday parties coming up, I thought this Marble Coasterscould be a perfect hostess gift – thoughtful, stylish and inexpensive.  So I visited my local craft store and came home
ready to get my fix tackle this project.  I opted for a few different color combinations to test out and see which looks I preferred.  The first ones I picked up were the Premo! Accents in “Silver” and the Premo! Accents in “Frost White Glimmer” since I just love the look of carrera marble.  I also grabbed the Sculpey clay in “Beige” and Premo! Accents in “Grey Granite”.  For the accent around the edge of the coasters, I grabbed this gold acrylic craft paint to brush on. Gold Paint

I found that I liked my coasters a little bit thicker than the original tutorial I found, so I purchased two of each color for my projects (with the exception of the Carrera-look – see below for ratio).  This made four total coasters.

The clay was a little tougher to mix than I originally thought, so I worked in small sections to complete each coaster individually.  Each clay square is divided up into four equal sections.  I took one section from each color and rolled it into a soft worm-like sculpture and then slowly added another subsequent section.  I then formed them into a ball and then smoothed it flat onto the cutting board surface which I covered with parchment paper.  I then put another piece of parchment paper over top and rolled the ball out flat with a rolling pin.  After rolling tMarble Coaster Gold Edgehem out, I used a round cookie cutter (about 3.75″ in diameter) to cut out my coasters and then laid them on a parchment-covered baking sheet and baked them for 30 minutes at 275 degrees.  The great thing about this project is that, just like real marble, each coaster is going to have a different variation.

After letting them cool, I found that my edges were not as sharp as I wanted them to be, so I took a fine grit sandpaper to take off any rough edges the cookie cutter left (an emory board would also work well in a pinch!)  Then it was time to paint on the gold.  I ended up applying two coats of the gold paint since I really wanted it to stand out.  Don’t worry about making making your lines too perfect as I think this makes it look more like gold leaf.  After about an hour of dry time, these babies were ready to be wrapped up and sent to live with their new owners! Voilà!

Marble Coaster SetI had a coupon for 25% off my entire purchase and my craft store was already running a 50% off sale for the sculpting clay, so this entire project cost me less than $10!

Carrera look Marble Coasters

These coasters were so much fun to make, took minimal time, and you really can’t mess up this project… I promise!!  Happy crafting!

Step-by-Step Guide: DIY Marble Coasters



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