House Progress

The exterior of Shick Plantation has been undergoing a serious facelift.  We’ve definitely been making a lot of progress since moving in nearly three months ago largely due to the fact that we needed to hire a contractor to complete some of the major exterior projects.  I have to say that although Doug wasn’t super happy about having to pay someone else to do work that he could do himself, it ended up being a blessing in disguise.  Doug has been working unexpectedly long hours, and having a reliable crew working on these big improvements ensured they were completed quickly.

So far we have had a new roof put on, a new garage door installed, new railings on the front porch, some siding replaced, new exterior lighting and a new sliding door put in where the french doors used to be.  (More details to come on these individual improvements!)

The first thing that we tackled after closing was clearing out all of the overgrown tree branches that hid this gorgeous Georgian home from view.  Driving into the driveway meant scraping your car to pieces on the hanging branches, so those were definitely the first to go.  It’s amazing how some simple tree trimming can go a long way in creating great curb appeal!New Sliding Doors

The contractors replaced the existing cedar shake roof with new architectural asphalt shingles in a similar color to the old cedar.  The rotten trim around the house was replaced with new and primed (you can see where we still have to paint!).  The original wooden garage door was also replaced with a new insulated one.  After replacing the existing rotten french doors on the back with new sliders, Doug wired another exterior light on the other side for a more symmetrical look.  We’re planning on extending the deck at a later point, so for now we are just leaving the railing on the right side off.  I chose carriage-style lights to remain true to the colonial feel of the home.

Front Porch (After)When we moved in, the wrought iron railings on the front porch had completely rusted through and fallen off the house.  So we commissioned new ones to be made out of aluminum that is powder coated to look like wrought iron.  The old brass light fixtures on the front of the house were replaced with the same lanterns as in the rear, just in a larger 22″ size.

Things are definitely moving along!  The exterior has been priority since the weather has been nice, but I’m just itching to start working on the inside!  Thanks for following along!



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