Cori Profile Pic EditedWelcome, loves! I’m thrilled you stopped by! My name is Cori Shick and I’m a thirty-something woman girl living in central Virginia with the man of my dreams and my two, very furry, four-legged children. I am a(n) interior designer, DIY-er, military wife, perfectionist, travel enthusiast, chronic list-maker, magazine hoarder, self-proclaimed party planner, and lover of all things beautiful (to name a few). I have an insatiable desire to know God more and to explore the world He has created with all that it has to offer.

Together, Doug and I have bought and sold two homes after completing extensive renovations on each.  Our individual abilities make us the perfect team — I’m the creative dreamer with the design background; Doug’s the handyman extraordinaire.  We have just purchased our third “fixer” and are just itching to make this place the showplace we know it can be!  Follow along as we move from project to project updating our dream home — aka Shick Plantation!!